“Who better to remind those in power of their responsibilities to their citizens than lawyers trained in understanding the difference between ‘Rule of Law’ and ‘Rule by Law’?

Our role as lawyers must therefore extend far beyond traditional legal practice.

You may say, “But I studied law to be a solicitor or barrister and to earn money for a decent standard of living”. There is nothing wrong with that, I assure you. I run a commercial litigation practice in a partnership of four where we also do public interest litigation. The two can co-exist quite comfortably.

The point I make is this.

…You are …a proud member of an army of people that is equipped with all that is necessary to both practise law and to fight injustice. I urge you to use this arsenal of knowledge and your passion for justice to fight for those who are downtrodden.”

– Ambiga Sreenevasan, University of Exeter, 23 July 2011

In Sreenevasan, the practice of law is not simply a profession, it is a commitment. This commitment to the law drives the community service and pro bono litigation that the lawyers of Sreenevasan undertake.