Customised Care

With a talent-matched-to-task approach to service, our clients will have as their partners, lawyers whose expertise and experience correspond to the specific brief.

Sreenevasan's lawyers are experienced in civil, commercial and corporate litigation as well as employment and administrative law. The firm has a client base that ranges from individuals and small businesses, to local and multinational corporations.

The firm also continues to enjoy a high reputation in intellectual property litigation and has been rated by international publications such as Managing Intellectual Property as a first tier Malaysian law firm for trade mark, copyright and patent litigation. The firm's proven track-record in this area of law has earned its lawyers the trust of their clients, who rely on their expertise to protect the sanctity of their brands.

Sreenevasan prides itself on its dedicated team of lawyers who believe in hard work and integrity. The combined experience of the team and their commitment to legal research enables them to stay ahead, and to meet the diverse needs of a varied group of clients with practical, innovative and customised solutions.

Sreenevasan has ready access to reputable law firms across the globe. This ensures that their clients’ best interests are protected at all times, in the event of multi-jurisdictional matters and cross-border dispute settlements.